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27601 Forbes Road #41 Laguna Niguel, California 92677 (949) 367-2949
Welcome to the El Toro Judo Club !
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Conveniently located in South
Orange County, California, the El
Toro Judo Club is a great place to
learn and practice the sport of
Judo. Led by Sensei Joe Kajita
(8th Dan), our dojo provides a
safe and fun environment for the
whole family. Classes are held on
weekday evenings and during the
day on the weekend.

We are located in the USA Wado
Ryu Karate dojo in Laguna
Niguel. The dojo is home to many
martial arts, including Judo,
Karate, Aikido, and Shin Kendo.
Please refer to the dojo schedule
for class times.

We are always happy to have
visitors. If you are curious about
the sport of Judo, please stop by
to watch a class or take a free
introductory lesson.

For more information contact us
by email at or by
telephone at (949) 367-2949.

Time Change for Kid's Class
on Fridays. Now

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The El Toro Judo Promotion
Syllabus is now available
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